What would the CTMU have to say about it?

Does anyone know (and understand) C. M. Langans “Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe” (CTMU)? Well, here’s a multiple question to anyone who does or might do:

Is the purpose of our existence, of the whole universe, some kind of hegelian self-awareness-process? If so, where/ how did it start and when will it end? How is it possible for such a grandiose, complex and refined process/plan to be initiated at all in the absence of a super-intelligent awareness? In what respect, if at all, will I continue to exist after my human death? What part of me is it that will be preserved? I mean, to what extent is my hormone-driven, my instinctive human nature, my material self a part of me? Is the meaness and lowness of mankind really a necessity in the fulfillment of the Mind (i.e. the universe)?

(May all rigid atheists/minds stay out of this, please!)