What To Do?

Hi guys!

First off, I’d like to say: great forum! Most places just don’t understand my problems or conversations, so it’s refreshing to finally find somewhere I could maybe belong?

Anyway, I have a kind of “ethical” question to ask. I’ve been living with a pig I rescued when she was a mere piglet about 15 years ago (give or take). I say “living with” because we sort of share a mutual space, it’s not like she’s a pet or anything. She’s free to come and go. But anyway, over the last few months or so she’s been really down? I think she’s getting old and tired and sore, some days she doesn’t even get out of her pigbasket (kind of an inside joke :slight_smile:) at all, she hardly eats and when she walks around she sort of stumbles and waddles like she’s got arthritis? It’s getting quite sad, you can even see the pain in her eyes and I’m worried she might starve to death if this keeps up.

So… it’s a terrible topic to broach but, should I maybe be thinking about… putting her down? I know it sounds really bad and all, but she’s at least fifteen years old and the pain in her eyes brings tears to mine. She’s been getting worse and worse and I just wonder if maybe she’s better off going quickly now than suffering on like this? She’s been such a good friend, I hate to see her suffer like this. I really don’t know what to do! Please, any help or advice would be sooooo appreciated!

BTW, I’m vegan and pro-animal rights to the core.

what do you feed her, maybe this could be diet related. and maybe you can provide photographs. i would say that to leave her alone, comfort her in her time of need.

Thank you so much! I took some photos but it will not let me post them? Is there something I can do? She mostly eats the same as me, vegetables, roots and leaves and the like. Good vegan food!

you can upload images easily to http://www.imageshack.us