What is you physical workout routine?

Hi Friends, I’m a busy working mom if I may say, I work and homeschool my kids on a daily basis. I also don’t have any difficulties maintaining the diet along with my kids. However, my question is how frequently do you go to gyms or exercise? Before I used to have time to go to the gym but now it seems 24 hours is not enough. I have a stationary bike at home, but it is really getting boring. I want to try a stepper machine and I’ve heard it tones the legs much faster. I saw some reviews about Sunny Health and Stamina In-Motion check (thewiredshopper.com/best-stepper-machines-to-buy), have you tried these? Any other recommendations for a stepper machine? My budget is around $100, and I want something that is of good quality and will last. Hope to hear from you soon. thanks :slight_smile: