What is the best online vegan store?

What is the best online vegan store? Please post your opinions with review, what you have bought, how much you have waited and how much you paid for delivery.

Yaoh have just asked me to promote them - and I have to say they’re pretty good.


I’ve bought Sun Cream, Bubble Bath and date/hemp bars from them: the sun cream was really nice (no horrid chemical smell) if a bit thick. The bubble bath is great. Postage was only £2 (but depends on weight, where you live). I found the website really easy to use and I received the goods within a week (though they say to leave 28 days).

Friendly emails from the admin if you need to contact them :smiley:

veganstore.com/ - also known as Pangea Vegan Products Is an online vegan store offering vegan products only. They sell products like vegan shoes, vegan vitamins and vegan food.

Didn’t buy anything from them though. :slight_smile: