What is macrobiotics?

I was just reading this article about how badly Atkin’s diet sucks then decided to make some searches on different diets and found several sites about macrobiotics?
I had no time to read all the details… I just noticed that in their Foods to Avoid list they have all non vegan products…
can anyone explain what is macrobiotics?
Is it similar to being vegan?

From what i know macrobiotics is more about eating whatever grows around you. Not eating imported products and such. Cause they are not ecologically pure, since transportation is polluting the environment. And it’s more natural since your ancestors are used to eating them.

[obsessively searches for macrobiotic cookbook in kitchen…] :book:

I discovered macrobiotics when I was trying to diet, before becoming vegan! I don’t stick to it rigidly, but I do try to use organic food and wholegrains. I found the Kushi institute website quite helpful - here is the macrobiotics guide, they also have a free online libray.

OK, this is taken from ‘Macrobiotic Cooking’ by Michele Cowmeadow

macrobiotics is the theory of promoting health and longevity by means of diet (especially whole beans and grains)
i hope this would help you… :smiley:

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macrobiotics diet? This is a diet which promotes long life because it came from the word “macro” which means large and “bios” which means life.This is eating grains as a food supplemented with vegetables and beans. This diet requires chewing the food very well before swallowing it. I have read this diet several times but until now I am trying to do it. :compress: