What do you think about Meat Printers?

Hello everybody:

I was reading several articles about how 3D printing is evolving and I read one interesting article about a biomedical start up who want to develop a meat printer. The main idea is to develp human organs, but I’m thinking that if you can print a human heart, you could print a cow leg.
What do you think about this technology, do you think meat industry is condemned to die? Are you willing to eat this kind of meat?

Sounds disgusting. Will remain vegetarian with natural foods not consuming weird lab experiments.
Yuck. Considering we don’t even need meat I don’t know what the big fuss and resources and millions of dollars being poured into creating meat is about. Horrible waste for a horrible idea. We don’t need meat full-stop.

My understanding is that the process is similar to a biopsy, which is hardly without pain or distress. How macabre. Instead of farming animals to eat them or have them make milk and eggs for human consumption we’d then be farming animals to be continually stabbing them to remove their cells. Almost as awful. And is still most definitely against the definition of veganism. Anyway, how can you be continually removing stem-cells from the same animal over and over again without negatively affecting the animal’s ability to stay healthy and regenerate their bodies? Even regular blood donors have minimum time periods in between donations, and people donating bone marrow through having the shots that increase the white blood cell count and then have the blood removed have to be careful with how much/often they donate to, and the drugs that make it possible aren’t completely harmless. How would it be different for animals constantly having their muscles stabbed and small parts removed in order to produce enough for all meat-eaters to clone to be able to print?

This technology should be kept for where it’s useful - bringing an end to organ donation and allowing people to receive fresh, new and healthy organs and wherever possible from their own bodies thereby eliminating the risk of rejection.

I believe it is important if one really cares for animals’ well being.
I am personally not going to eat this kind of meat, but I think cats and dogs would love it. :slight_smile: