What do we do with animals?

Lets for a moment admit that a miracle happened and nobody is eating meat anymore i.e. all people suddenly became vegans.
What do we do with all the animals in the farms?

Set them free :smiley:

That is not so easy.
Most of the animals in northern will die over winter.
Cows for example.

It’s a nice idea.
The question is where?

Just open the gates. :stuck_out_tongue:

Allistar- I understand that sometimes things are not that simple, though sometimes they are. Why not move “the animals in northern” (to quote you) to warmer climates. Or perhaps their native land. Survival of the fittest will set in and voila! You can’t protect everything.


Before survival of the fittest will take place we have to think who will pay for this movement?
Another question is, if an animal is born in a cage and lived in the same cage all his life, what is he fit for beside living in a cage?

Then it doesn’t matter. This “discussion” is pointless. Quite frankly I don’t care. I offered a simple answer to a simple question. :unamused:


:slight_smile: It seems that you don’t like to complicate things.

I agree, this discussion is pointless, as it will simply never happen. I suppose you need the answer because the carnivores bother us with this kind of stupid questions… but what’s the point? Anyway, if this would ever happen (e.g. in case 99% of people died out), I’m sure the Nature would sort it out. Natural selection etc. No problem for me.

Wait a second what is the percentage of Vegans in the world at the moment? Is it only 1 percent?

"A Time/CNN poll published in Time Magazine July 7, 2002, found that 4% of American adults consider themselves vegetarians, and 5% of self-described vegetarians consider themselves vegans. This small-sampled poll may suggest that 0.2% of American adults are vegans. A 2000 poll (vrg.org/nutshell/poll2000.htm) suggested closer to 0.9% of the USA’ adult population may be vegan.

In the UK, research (imaner.net/panel/statistics.htm) showed that 0.4%, approximately 250 000 people, were vegan in 2001."
[from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vegan]

Of course there are fairly more vegetarians in the Eastern world, but I think veganism is not so common there either (e.g. in Hindi religions eating dairy products is allowed and sometimes even encouraged, as the cows are considered sacred animals). So maybe vegans of the world sum up to 2% or something like that.

Wow… there are so few of us. :frowning:
I always thought that in UK almost 20% are veggies i.e. vegetarians and vegans.

i agree with Bojster. This question is basically pointless, but i would try to save as many animals as i could, if that would ever happen. I am against cruelty. That is why i’m a vegan. :confused:

I think this question is not more pointless then the question “what is the sense of life”
If you really need a point I will give you one here look -> .
Only don’t tell me now that you need a bigger or different point. :slight_smile: