Why kill even insects if we don’t have to? The same applies to using killed insects for broaches, crushed insect wings for iridescent eye shadow, or dying insects in jumping beans. Why promote even at this level a callous disregard for living things around us?

I think for good reason, based on ethical intuition, that we are more impressed by the kind-hearted soul who nets the flies to let them out of the house alive versus the person hunting them down for certain chemical death with a bottle raid. Even if our great White Suburban hunter of houseflies uses a fly-swatter for ecological reasons, the more admirable course pertains to the person who uses a butterfly net to simply capture the fly for relocation outside.

This doesn’t mean we have to let our houses be over-run by pests or let our gardens be destroyed either. Common sense should prevail.

How about those mosquitos and lice?

Personally, I think that it’s ok to kill most bugs because they have much smaller brains compared to other animals.

I personally think its not okay to kill insects. We should just repel the ones we don’t want around us.

We can repel mosquitoes, but can we repel lice as well?

Lice don’t like dirty hair. Just don’t clean it too frequently.

Should my daughters take a bath every other day? lol

Body cleaning and hair cleaning don’t have to be together. Have them clean their bodies regularly but do their hair less frequently like quickly in the sink or something when ever you notice it seems dirty.

I think that would be hard to do knowing our weather here… :frowning: