What about how other animals kill and eat each other?

What about how other animals kill and eat each other?

Here is a quote by Eugene Khutoryansky

How come people on this forum are so opinion-less and weird that they think they can quote people and act like they were smart enough to think of a good comeback, when they’re really using what someone else said?

I don’t understand, what are you trying to say?

we can’t do nothing about that… It’s their instinct… They don’t do that just for food, they do it sometimes for mating purposes or for defense…


Animals rape each other sometimes (orangutangs do it). Cats torture small animals. Animals do all sorts of immoral things because they don’t know any better and those instincts were useful during their evolution. I don’t think we should look at what animals do as a guide for our own behavior. And I don’t think we should follow our own evolved instincts if they cause suffering. For example, obviously something in the biology of our brains has caused men in every society all over the globe to oppress women. Patriarchy is obviously “natural” for humans. But does that mean if a man is abusive towards women we should respect his “personal choice”?

I don’t think it’s immoral for animals to kill other animals for food because if they stopped doing that, the harm to the environment would cause more suffering than the actual killing. Basically, when animals eat other animals they prevent suffering because they prevent overpopulation and keep the balance in nature. Of course it would be preferable for them to try to kill their prey in humane ways but unfortunately it was not useful from an evolutionary perspective. When humans eat animals, we usually harm the environment rather than help it and we cause suffering, but we have an option to cause less suffering by switching to a vegan diet. There may be other options besides a vegan diet but for many people, that is the easiest way to minimize the amount of suffering they cause.

Carnivores must eat other animals to survive. And they must do that in order that those animals they eat can survive. It sounds strange but it’s true. All animals in the earth are connected to each others in a system called the food chains. For example, cats eat mike. If cats didn’t eat mike, so the quantity of mike will increase. There wouldn’t have enough foods to supply for mike. They compete for foods. Then many of them will die. In addition, other species would also be damaged such as rice and vegetables.
Human is an omnivore. We can choose eat meat or veggie. Why should human eat veggie? In my opinion, the demand of our food is so huge that many animals become extinct due to over-hunted. We eat veggie because they can bring about us many health benefits. The second reason is we can grow veggie fast and easily. We don’t do harm on environment too much.