Well hello...

Hmmm. So, I’m here with you. And that’s who in fact I am: I’ve been vegan for a year or so by now, I study geography in Lublin/Poland, I travel around the world hitch-hiking and I’m weird. Oh, I’m 20 years old and feel like I was some decades older.
That’s not good, but should I care? It refers to my psychic, of course. Physicaly I’m healthy and full of vital force. Hmmm… what else? I write poems, if you like to read some (and find out how do I look, etc.),
I encourage you to visit my homepage at www.bojster.eggs.pl. Unfortunately, English version doesn’t contain as much stuff as Polish one, but there are some poems and other blaa as well.
And well… if anyone wants to know anything more, don’t hesitate to ask me :] Enough boring speech for the introduction :wink:

Wellcome! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried your site and it doesn’t load.

By the way, how is with veganism in Poland? (It’s much closer to me than US, so it’s interesting)


My homepage should be working again (also try www.bojster.prv.pl which is actually the same but at least sounds less ovovegetarian :wink:).

As for veganism in Poland, we have no easy life here.
At fast food places I can eat nothing, sometimes there is a falafel in kebab bars, but usually it’s with some non-vegan sauce. In ‘common’ stores I can buy many products, but nothing special. Also, there are some companies that produce vegan stuff, but it is distibuted mostly in vegetarian shops, which are rather hard to find in small towns. Anyway, the best vegan products that can be bought here are mostly imported (from Belgium, for example). I also often go to Czech Republic for some vegan shopping, there are much of this stuff easy to buy even in small towns (and delicious).

So, for experienced vegan it is not so hard to live here, although sometimes I lack some products I would like to buy in my hometown, without need to hitch-hike 500 kms to the nearest Czech vegetarian shop. As for beginners, they have real tough life, but it is getting better now (in comparison to my start, when there was only one company producing soya pate with 3 different flavours :frowning:).

I think that gives you some kind of view on our situation here. At least it is better than in Russia, where the only vegan thing I found was bread chips :wink:)

It’s working, thank you! :slight_smile:

What is falafel?

But what you can buy in Czech Republic? I’m really interested, because I live closer to Czechia than to Poland.

By the way, how much cost vegan products in Poland?

Now it’s better, I think, we have some soy products imported from Russia and Ukraine.


Short reply, because I’m sleepy :wink:

  1. Falafel is somehow similar to kebab, but with soy or bean ‘cubes’ instead of meat, popular in Israel and Arabic countries. dict.org says: “(Middle Eastern) small croquette of mashed chick peas or fava beans seasoned with sesame seeds”. And it’s yummy :slight_smile:

  2. In Czech Rep. i can buy large variety of tofu products (different flavours), and really huge variety of cereals (some of them made their way onto polish shelves recently).
    I can say much more, but you should simply go and see.

  3. hmmm… tofu, 350g = 1 euro; soy pate, 115g = 0,5 euro or 2 euro for 1 kg; apple juice, 1l = 0,5 euro; bread, 0,5 kg = 0,30 euro; soy milk (polish) 390ml = 0,6 euro, (imported from belgium) 1l = 1,6 euro… some examples.

That’s all i think.

Write something about your country now :wink:

I’d like if we also had it. We have a lot of arabs here (they are learning in our universities) but unfortunatelly they are making only kebab.

I’d like to, I heard that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but now I can’t afford it right now (no time and money), and I don’t know where I’ll get visa.
By the way, do you know any Vegan/Vegetarian organizations in Czechia?

Considering 1 euro ~ 1$ it’s not so much, with exception of bread and local tofu which here is cheaper.

Thank you very much for your information.

I live in Moldova, being exUSSR republic, situation is almost same as in Russia (or even worse, because I read that in Moscow latest time are many new vegan products)

Also being orthodox country - there are many fasts and advents, during which soy products are very popular.

Population is very unaware of Vegan and even Vegetarian views, it’s why I founded more than year ago Moldavian Vegetarian Union uvem.org But still don’t have much time to spend for it. Hope that I’ll fix it soon.

Hi. Another short one, because i have just made 500 km route hitch-hiking in some 12h and i haven’t been sleeping for some 40h by now :wink:

Let’s get to it then:

We don’t need visa to enter Czech Rep., but since You’re Moldovan, i suppose you might have to get one. Just contact the embassy, i suggest.

I’ve been to Moldova (in Kishinau) in my youth, but i can hardly remember anything :frowning:

Anyway, considering slow, but still growth of vegetarian consciency in Polish society (but people still rarely know what “vegan” is), I think it will be the same in Moldova.
Are vegatarian restaurants/bistros popular there? Here we have one or two vegetarian restaurant nets offering franchising on considerable conditions, which causes fast spreading of the mark over the country (i’m not up-to-date with informations about it, though) and many little vegetarian-oriented bistros, mostly related to minor religion communities (like hare krishna or vaishnavas), which serve delicious food and much cheeper than in restaurants mentioned above.

Well, I guess I wansn’t that tired after all, as I have written some more than the last time, but i go to sleep anyway :wink:


Well, maybe I am THAT tired, as i forgot to answer one question. So I do that now.

No, I don’t know any Vegan/Vegatarian orgs in Czech Rep.
In fact, I don’t even know any in Poland :wink:
(besides of those religion minorities mentioned in previous post). I’m not really engaged, IYKWIM :wink:
Maybe if i had time… but I guess I’m too lazy anyway.
I just care not to do any harm to The Earth by myself.
I put no faith in people, thus no such engagement.

Byebye again (good night)

We have Poland embasy, but I’m not sure about Czech one…

Cool :slight_smile:

Unfortunatelly there aren’t any vegetarian/bistros of which I know. I wish to start one, but till then I must work as programmer some time to make initial capital :slight_smile:

You are very lucky to have them :slight_smile: We don’t have no restaurants nor bistros, I hope it will change soon…

Cool! Thank you, and sorry for late reply.

Good luck with that :slight_smile: I was planning to start vegetarian restaurant in my home town, after my studies, but i haven’t recently thinked about it much, so i’m not really sure if i could cope with that. but the option still exists :slight_smile:
It’s not very easy to run it, as people still aren’t really convinced about vegetarian food (they act like “vegetarian? phew, why should i go and pay for eating lettuce?”), especially in smaller towns. in big cities society’s attitude is different, but such places already exist there, so it would be a competition. Well, it’s all about the money, sadly. Good initiatives often fail because of that. Anyway, i think that there should be more vegetarian resteurants (or at least bistros) and shops, so i support (mentally;) your idea to start one inwhere you live.

Better late than never :stuck_out_tongue:
Take care :slight_smile:

wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :slight_smile: