We must kill to live

In discussions with those who eat meat, I am often told that if anything more animals are killed by the pesticides and other farming methods that produce vegetables than the amount of people fed by one individual animal being slaughtered.

They argue that mathematically I am killing more lives this way, and am wasting the bodies that people could be nourished from.

I have also heard it said that it is unnecessary to mow ones lawn, but by choosing to do so more life is lost than by eating meat.

I am accused of being inconsistent based on this.

Has anyone any thoughts on this and good arguments against these?

Here´s a link to a site that describes the Least harm principle.
wildlifedamagecontrol.com/an … stharm.htm

I havent checked the background or the reliability of publicer.

Hmm ive checked som parts of the rest of the page, there is a bit about animal “right” movement. (hate that word right)

You should add amount of animals killed during food preparation for slaughtered animals.

As far as I know mowing lawn doesn’t require killing animals, while eating them require it, same with vegan food, so it is much more unethical to support killing for food, when you don’t need it.