Warning for the World The Bacteriological War of Covid-19 Waged to Suppress the Vegan Message Vegan Activists such as Celebrities Doctors Scientists

Hello Everyone,

My name is T. Diane Nguyen. I am a peace, human rights, vegan activist and lifestyle médicine advocate.
I started my vegan activism in 2013 and discovered that a high-level group of criminals is waging a Secret International War against the world that has turned into the Bacteriological War of covid-19. There has been 518,337 deaths officially. I am the author of a book called Warning for the World - International Secret War - The Bacteriological War of Covid-19 waged by False Democracies against the World to Suppress the Vegan Message, Vegan Activists and the 16 Golden Reasons to Be a Vegan.
I need some feedback before I publish the book. Who is interested in having an online course with me by Skype about this topic (for example, an hour of Lesson ?) I have to check if the content of the book is ok to be printed otherwise, the book will not reach many people. Thank you so much. Please you have to know that all my activities are surveilled hence you are surveilled too.

Hey everyone!!![:hugs: A year ago, i made the decision to commit to veganism. It really seemed daunting at first but i always reminded myself as to why i chose this lifestyle. I’m sooo proud to say that i have successfully made it to my first year!![:smile:

Sadly , there isn’t a huge number of local vegans in my country…,Kenya,Africa. Ironically, we hold one of the biggest foundations in the world,The African Wildlife Foundation.

So i’ve decided to donate to the african wildlife foundation through this link, https://www.bonfire.com/vegan-208/ …as a way of celebrating my 1st Year Anniversary as a vegan!![:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: please support this cause and help me reach as many people as you can![:smile: God Bless you all!!

link; https://www.bonfire.com/vegan-208/