Want to see the #1 hypocrite on the internet?

If you want to see the #1 hypocrite on the internet when it comes to animal rights because she eats them, then go to http://www.non-violent.com. She makes me sick!

I think these people should be educated, if we’ll attack them then we’ll just alienate them.

You guys are extremley rude! You only think about your way of thinking! OMG, you’re the hypocrites ! PEOPLE have rights too! You can EAT meat and still love animals! You could go up to SO MANY people and say “Do you love animals?” and they would say “Yes” truthfully. Then you could say “Do you eat meat?” and they could say “Yes”. Does that make the former false? NO, IT DOESN’T. They wouldn’t eat a hamster! They have a RIGHT to choose which animals they think are acceptable for eating, it’s called an opinion. She DOESN’T even have to BELIEVE that all animals DESERVE rights! That sounds horrible, but it is HER choice. You guys are stereotyping people. Next time you see a person eating a hamburger, ask them what their favourite animal is. Unless they’re really spacey, they won’t say cow. Because they eat cow. And that’s fine. You don’t eat cow. That’s also fine.

MomoPeach, that is very similar to Racism, also called Racialism.

Racism is a belief in the moral or biological superiority of one race over another.

what’s similar to racism…?

To think that some animals deserve respect, compasion and love and others just don’t deserve any of it.

Hey guys, I think your discussion is getting narrow-sighted. Instead of blocking and repelling the other’s ideas why don’t you two try to think about what the other is saying. In the vegetarian point of view there is no reason for people to state that they love animals when it is in their natural behavior to treat them as food, while on the other side it is natural for human beings to love and respect animals even though some are considered as food.

You don’t love cats?
You just don’t know how to prepare them! :laughing:

Yes, it is natural behaviour for humans to love people of the same race and/or nationality more, and we all know where this natural behaviour if not kept at bay can lead us.
More about “natural” excuses you can read here: ar.vegnews.org/meat_is_natural.html

Look, it doesn’t matter if you personally don’t eat meat. That doesn’t do anything for the environment because they’re still MAKING the meat! You’re just not CONSUMING it. The animal is already dead, and just “not eating” it won’t help. I hate how some vegetarians think they’re making a great sacrifice for the environment when they aren’t really doing anything else besides that. All they are doing is going vegetarian so they can say they care about the environment, when they’re really just changing their diet.

I think everyone is losing sight of what veganism is really about and that is respect. Do I think its right to eat animals? No. Am I going to make fun of and bash people over the head that dont feel the same? Of course not.
Personaly, I don’t understand why non vegans feel threatened by my vegan life style. After all, it’s not thier body but mine. I give that same thought to people who eat meat. Thier body is not mine and I have no say over it even though I wish they felt compassion for living creatures who sufffer in slaughter houses, milking plants ect.

I understand passion for what you belive in but I do not understand the lack of respect we have for other peoples choice of food, whether that be plant or animal.
Cant we all practice our morals in peace?

I agree in the grand scheme of things that choosing to be vega-whatever that your environmental impact is at best, trivial. However, it is both the combined effort of the masses (which are growing) as well as the impact to restaurants and grocery stores that makes a difference. If every time we go to an establishment we ask about veg options, eventually menus begin to change, options grow, etc. Look at the growth of veg options (tofu, soymilk, etc) that you find in the grocery stores. And if it is growing that much, then the sale of animal products must be going down as well. Why else would the dairy industry, for example, be marketing so hard to get people to drink milk - their sales are declining!

I also don’t mind people making personal decisions to eat whatever they choose, but I admit that I may be a little judgmental of some people that chose not to be informed when given the opportunity. If people took the time to understand exactly how the meat and dairy industry as a whole treats animals, then they can make an informed decision whether or not to eat animal products. However, often times people say they don’t want to know because they know it’s probably bad, but they are determined not to change their diet…so if they know all the horrible things that happen, then they have to think about those things every time they consume animal products.

I tolerate close-mindedness in the sense that I will not alienate people that are close-minded, but I do admit at times to being a little judgemental.

The flip side is show me someone who is well aware of industry practices, but who continues to consume animal products because they do not feel is wrong…then I simply disagree…but do not feel judgmental.

And I agree with Andy…why do we treat some animals as “pets” but feel ok eating others? Other than tradition, what makes people feel that way? My wife and I would never have thought about about eating our Shaggy or Cody (our dogs) pre-vegan, yet dog is eaten in other parts of the world!

Finally, more than any judgmental feeling or excitement when our friends or family are interested in our lifestyle, I feel such a strong sadness for all the suffering animals are going through every minute of the day.

By the way, to get back on topic a little, I don’t see this site as being a big hypocrite…in fact, I see Marilyn as being a person who is heading in the right direction, and with a little more knowledge, maybe she would begin to change her position more.

My wife went vegan for the animals and has enjoyed the health benefits and believes in the collective environmental impact. I first became vegan for health, but learned about the animals, and now I am fully doing it for the animals while enjoying the health and environmental impacts as well. But at first, I believed that if an animal was treated as humanely as possible in life and in death, that it was acceptable to eat the flesh of that animal. Over time, I became educated, and now feel it is still wrong because we live in a society where there are tons of alternatives. It is not necessary for us (my wife and I) to eat meat to live, so why cause the slaughter of an animal, no matter how well the animal was treated?

So Marilyn’s site is on the right track…IMHO she should get good feedback but with the opportunity to learn more. Personally I believe www.beavoiceforthevoiceless.com does a great job providing detail and organizing references (it’s also a shameless plug for my wife’s personal site :smiley: ).

she is a hypocrite! how can she initiate a website called marilyn’s non-violent that shares about animal’s loving us unconditionally if she is there supporting relentless activities by eating meat from our evildoers. Also known as people that own these meat industries who happen to be slaughtering animals alive. Non-violent, yeah sure! she just contradicted herself… She is just another greedy consumer.

  • I think that hypocrites advocating animal rights in the long run could do more for animals than silent vegans. If because of her at least 2 people become vegans then she did more for animals than a single vegan by simply avoiding animal products. So don’t judge others instead be an activist. :wink:

She is a hypocrite, but so was I. Actually many people are at some point or another, it’s human nature (or pretty close to it). It’s like a very bad habit and the saying “Old habits die hard” is true. Unfortunately. I always knew that animals were abused badly in my subconscious, but I had a hard time accepting that it was reality (“Out of sight out of mind”). I even saw videos, thought they were terrible, and kept eating meat anyways. But that’s all people did, they showed videos, said it was bad, and left. It wasn’t the videos that convinced me to be vegan. It wasn’t until I actually listened to a speech that I understood. But that doesn’t mean EVERY single farm out there is bad, like there are good and bad people, there are also good and bad farms. But do I think for one second that it justifies anything? No way! But for some people it does, it’s just the way the majority of the human psyche works. It’s also the money, true, always has been and always will be (that’s what history’s all about). But it isn’t like that for everyone, some people are just misinformed or uneducated about this “stuff”. They need to be told in their own way or time, because everyone is different, meaning they understand things in different ways. For example, a kid is a sight learner (learns best by using sight), that doesn’t mean the kid next to him is the same. They could be a listener (learns best by listening). Different people need others’ ideas brought across differently to truly understand. That’s how complicated the human psyche is. :cyclopsani:
…Whoops! He-he, I guess I really got off topic huh? :blush: