want to learn more about vegan nutrition

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 25 years but have eaten eggs and dairy. My reasoning for that was that laying eggs and giving milk did not hurt chickens or cows. However, now that I’ve learned more about the way animals are typically treated, I no longer feel OK buying those things. I have found a local farmer that raises cage free chickens that I can buy eggs from, so I may decide to do that instead of giving up eggs altogether. I haven’t really decided yet. But I think I really need to cut out the dairy.

Here are my concerns. I’d appreciate help with any solutions anyone can offer me.

I had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago, and do to that I don’t absorb protein (or anything else) as well as most people do. So I need to eat more protein than the average person does. I’m a bit concerned I’ll have trouble getting enough protein on a vegan diet. I do use beans for a lot of my protein now but I also get a fair amount from dairy foods.

I also have some health problems that sometimes make it difficult for me to be very active. Sometimes I am perfectly fine but there are times I simply cannot get in the kitchen and cook dinner and things like that. What would be some very quick and easy vegan meals for me, or what could I pick up at a local restaurant for dinner? When I am feeling well, I often cook stuff and freeze it for those days I can’t cook, but I would still like other ideas.

Thanks for your help!


Oh, I’m sure there will always be those that abuse the chickens they raise in their backyard, just as there are those that abuse their pet dogs or other pets. I’m hoping that if I buy directly from a small farmer and I can visit the farm and see the chickens for myself, that will give me some assurance that they are being treated well. But of course I would not know how they were being treated when I wasn’t there.

I don’t actually eat eggs very often. I use them in baking more often than anything else. And I did find some information on the PETA website about things to use instead of eggs in recipes for baked goods.

I’m concerned about being able to meet my protein needs without dairy, though. I think my gastric bypass really complicates things. I need more protein than the average person, but I can only eat much smaller amounts of food than the average person. I also get very sick if I eat too much sugar. Today I was at the grocery store and found they carried one brand of soy yogurt. They only had two flavors but they each had about 20 grams of sugar in a six ounce container. I could eat half that much sugar. But who wants to eat just three ounces of yogurt? It’s just a lot to try to work out.