Want to become vegan, needing advice

Heya, i’ve been a vegetarian all my life and feel strongly against animal cruelty. After reading and watching videos about the egg and milk industries it disgusts me and so I am definitely going to become a vegan but I want advice. I currently enjoy boxing (with non leather boxing gloves obviously) and trying to do weight training as well. Whats the best way I can get a lot of protein in my diet? I don’t suppose there are any suppliers of milk where they don’t over milk the cows or take the calves and males away? (sounds too good to be true). Likewise for chickens, at home im lucky enough to have a friend with 3 chickens which has an achre to run and play in and so am able to have those eggs. But at uni unfortunately there aren’t any ways I can get the friendly eggs, any such company where they don’t kill the males or the females after theyve finished laying ect? Also, there’s a UK e-petition on the government website to introduce mandatory labelling on foods and drinks and in restaurants to say whether its vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. I cant post the link because im new.

This is my view on it.
The source of amino acids and or protein for pretty much all land animals is plants. Either directly from plants, or for those much smaller number of carnivores out there, eating the herbivores that ate the plants. The amount of protein you believe you need is very likely considerably less than you will ever eat as a vegan if you eat a good variety of plants, especially leafy vegetables. If you do have a desire to find plants with higher levels of protein for whatever reason then you can consider beans, nuts and seeds. Soaking in water prior to consumption is not a bad idea if you want to help the digestion of them. Many people ingest far too much protein and there is very strong evidence that this is doing them harm.

Hi, I can totally understand what you are saying. It can be a little daunting making that transition to a loving Vegan diet. When I look back, I went vegetarian first - then Vegan. I was always close to being Vegan, it wasn’t until I went to my fathers Dairy Farm and witnessed first hand the pain and suffering that was going on that I made the decision to cut anything from animals from my diet. When I made that choice I felt so amazing inside. I am sure that you will work it out - I know first hand just amazing it is.