Vitamin B12- Cobalamin

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, works with folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells. Vitamin B12 also keeps your central nervous system healthy. The only natural sources of Vitamin B12 are animal products.

Vitamin B12 Daily Recommended Amount μg/d (daily micrograms):

Infants & Children:
0 to 6 months old - 0.4
7 to 12 months old - 0.5
1 to 3 years old - 0.9
4 to 8 years old - 1.2

9 to 13 years old - 1.8
14 to 18 years old - 2.4
19 to 30 years old - 2.4
31 to 50 years old - 2.4
51 to 70 years old - 2.4
Over 70 years old - 2.4

9 to 13 years old - 1.8
14 to 18 years old - 2.4
19 to 30 years old - 2.4
31 to 50 years old - 2.4
51 to 70 years old - 2.4
Over 70 years old - 2.4

14 to 18 years old - 2.6
19 to 30 years old - 2.6
31 to 50 years old - 2.6

14 to 18 years old - 2.8
19 to 30 years old - 2.8
31 to 50 years old - 2.8

Vitamin B12 Nutrition Benefits for the Body:
General -Necessary for DNA synthesis. A detoxifier, helps regenerate bone marrow and red blood cells; contributes to healthy myelin sheath. May protect against some forms of cancer, anemia, learning imbalances, and fight fatigue.

Therapeutic Uses for Vitamin B12: Combatant for postnatal depression; stabilizing menstruation flows and discomfort. Detoxifies cyanide found in foods; detoxifies inhaled second-hand smoke. Appetite stimulant.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms:
Tongue may be sore and/or appear smooth. Individual with deficiency may experience tremors, psychosis, anemia and menstrual disorders.

Vitamin B12 Offenders:

  • Sunlight

Health Warnings for Vitamin B12:
Strict vegetarians, heavy alcohol users, individuals who take sleeping pills on a regular basis and women on the pill are at an increased risk for developing Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Food Source: (all fortified)

Fortified Cereals
A wide array of cereals now exist with the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin B12 added in. Vegans can eat the cereal with soy, rice, or almond milk.

Fortified Soy Products
Most vegans consume soy both as a dairy substitute, and as a source of protein. Many soy products now come fortified with vitamin B12. Check the nutrition facts of the product to be sure.

Fortified Drinks
As more and more people are becoming vegan companies are seeing the benefit of fortifying drinks with vitamin B12. Drinks like Vitamin Water provide a health alternative to soft drinks.

Cyanocobalmin is by far cheaper than all other forms of B12.

A few things to note about Cyanocobalmin form of B12. Various forms of vitamin b (not b12), C,E, iron, and copper can damage B12. High doses of Vitamin C can even eliminate B12 all together if they are taken within 1 hour of each other. Check your multivitamin, and be sure it contains 500mg or less of vitmain C. Combined with healthy diet, this is plenty of vitamin C.