If you receive an alert from Humane Society Legislative Fund asking you to support Mark Warner for the U. S. Senate in Virginia because the HSLF considers him as one who has the best record on animal welfare legislation in the Senate DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

For those animal rights people who oppose hunting and fishing, Mr. Warner openly brags about how he is a so-called “sportsman” who enjoys hunting and vigorously supports that activity.

Mr. Warner voted for the amendment to the Virginian Constitution that made hunting a fundamental right for Virginia hunters. In the U. S. Senate he co-sponsored legislation, “The Sportsman Act” that would open thousands of acres in our national park and refuges to hunting.

This type of man we do not need to have as one who is so good in passing animal welfare reform when he supports hunting, trapping and fishing, activities that kill millions of animals each year.

I have written The Humane Society a strong letter of protest and will not send them any money until they strongly oppose hunting, trapping and fishing in Virginia. The only legislation they have supported against hunting is their opposition to fox penning. Well then why do the stop there when there are so many more animals out their that need protection from the hunters, trappers and fishermen. I hope others will express their dismay also.

Personally I feel the hunters, trappers and fishermen have bought out the Humane Society; I can think of no other reason why they would support such a man who loves to kill animals through hunting, trapping and fishing.