Views on Energy

Another interesting question - perhaps :slight_smile:

The UK government recently released a white paper on energy production. It suggested some wind and tidal energy production, and a commitment to using british coal once again. However, there was a very controversial point: essentially we need to build more Nuclear power stations :astonished:

I have read some conflicting reports. Some say that we can live off alternative energy sources. Others say that they can never produce enough energy, and we will need to continue using fossil fuels and nuclear power. I think some of my documents on power generation are now outdated :frowning:

Greenpeace seem to protest against everything! Even bio-crops and wind power!

How is energy produced outside the UK, and what are the best sources of energy? 8)

From what I know more and more countries in Europe are looking towards wind power.

As far as I know wind power is not reliable enough to rely solely on wind power. We need means to store large quantities of energy in order to efficiently use windpower.