Videos to show children to enforce vegan view?

What videos to show children to enforce vegan view?
I found few movies:


By the way, children like those movies, so you can recommend them to non vegan parents and may be those children will rise to be friendlier to animals.

I don’t like the word “enforce” in your statement :slight_smile:

Yes, may be “educate” will be better :slight_smile:

Heh, children often hate their parents even more for being “educated” :slight_smile:

Almost all kids have some conflict with their parents during puberty, parents should know how to handle this.

Haha, you say this as a parent or as a child? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Sergio has the experience of both :slight_smile:
And yet all of us have a lot to learn.

Children can be friendly to animals and still eat meat. You shouldn’t use children’s movies to brainwash kids into thinking eating meat is a bad thing.

Yes, until they learn the truth.

And where is integrity here? You eat the ones you love?

Look, kids won’t eat a hamster. They won’t eat a parrot. They won’t eat a panda bear. There are some animals that humans eat and there are some that they don’t. There’s farmers that eat beef. It doesn’t change their relationship with their cows. There are people who eat bacon. That won’t make them act any different around their pet pigs. Some people don’t need to look for the deep “this is wrong because this is tied to this which is tied to this which is tied to this” meaning.

MomoPeach… Yeah you are right, there are also pedophiles that love their own children and rape the others.
there are killers that respect some people and kill others
there are robbers that steal from some and give to their beloved
and so on… why should we look deeper… everything is simple…

I totally agree with you MomoPeach… let’s keep it simple…
so next time when you find yourself with someone’s knife near you throat, just say to yourself: - he will probably not do it to his sister… he is a good guy and it’s just life, I’m just the victim that is in the wrong time and in the wrong place.

But it’s not simplicity what you are talking about MomoPeach it’s shallowness.
And a shallow mind isn’t something to be proud of…