Veggies and religion

What religions promote vegetarian lifestyle?
I know of Buddhism.
What else?

I’m an athiest so my knowledge on religion isn’t too great, but I once had a best friend that was seek, they support veganism. I know christians believe in respecting animals, plants and the earth, but they don’t necesarilly support veganism/vegetarianism.
I think it’s just Seeks and Budhists.

What is it?
Never heard of this religion. Where it comes form?
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[size=150]Sikhs’ primary beliefs and principles[/size]
One God: There is only one God, who has infinite qualities and names; She or he is the same for all religions. ‘He’ has no gender, but is present within all things and all places.
Rise Early and Meditate: The early morning hours, before the rising of the sun are used for meditation and experiencing union with God.
Earn One’s Living Righteously: One must work hard and honestly and never live off of others, but give to others from the fruits of one’s own labour.
Share With Others: One’s home is always open to all. All are served and all are welcomed. The fruits of one’s labours are always shared with others.
Re-incarnation, Karma & Salvation: All creatures have souls that pass to other bodies upon death until liberation is achieved.
Remember God: Love God, but hold the awe of her or him as well.
Humanhood: All human beings are equal. We are sons and daughters of Waheguru, the Almighty.
Uphold Moral Values: Defend, safeguard, and fight for the rights of all creatures, and in particular your fellow beings.
Personal Sacrifice: Be prepared to give your life for all supreme principles – see the life of Guru Teg Bahadur.
Many Paths lead to God: The Sikhs believe that Salvation can be obtained by non-Sikhs as well.
Positive Attitude to Life: “Chardi Kala” – Always have a positive, optimistic, buoyant view of life.
Disciplined Life: Upon baptism, Sikhs must wear the 5Ks, strictly recite the 5 prayers (Banis), etc.
No Special Worship Days: Sikhs do not believe that any particular day is holier than any other.
Conquer the 5 Thieves: It is every Sikh’s duty to defeat these 5 thieves: pride, anger, greed, attachment, and lust.
Attack with 5 Weapons: Contentment, charity, kindness, positive attitude, humility.
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[size=150]Underlying values[/size]
The Sikhs must believe in the following Values:

Equality: All humans are equal before God.
God’s Spirit: All Creatures have God’s spirits and must be properly respected.
Personal Right: Every person has a right to life but this right is restricted.
Actions Count: Salvation is obtained by one’s actions – Good deeds, remembrance of God, etc.
Living a Family Life: Must live as a family unit (householder) to provide and nurture children.
Sharing: It is encouraged to share and give to charity 10 percent of one’s net earnings.
Accept God’s Will: Develop your personality so that you recognise happy events and miserable events as one.
The 4 Fruits of Life:Truth, Contentment, Contemplation and Naam, (in the Name of God).
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[size=150]Prohibited behaviour[/size]
Non-Logical Behaviour: Superstitions and rituals not meaningful to Sikhs (pilgrimages, fasting and bathing in rivers; circumcision; worship of graves, idols, pictures; compulsory wearing of the veil for women; etc;)
Material Obsession: (“Maya”) Accumulation of materials have no meaning in Sikhism. Wealth, Gold, Portfolio, Stocks, Commodities, properties will all be left here on Earth when you depart. Do not get attached to them.
Sacrifice of Creatures: Sati – widows throwing themselves in the funeral pyre of their husbands; lamb and calf slaughter to celebrate holy occasions; etc are forbidden.
Non-Family Oriented Living: A Sikh is not allowed to live as a recluse, beggar, yogi, monk, nun, or celibate.
Worthless Talk: Bragging, gossip, lying, etc are not permitted.
Intoxication: Drinking alcohol, using drugs, smoking tobacco, and consumption of other intoxicants are not permitted.
No Priestly Class: Sikhs do not have to depend on a priest for performing any religious functions.
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Hinduism is the greatest suppporter of vegetarian diet.

How Hinduism is different from Sikh?

In principle, Hinduism incorporates all forms of belief and worship without necessitating the selection or elimination of any. No religious idea in India ever dies or is superseded. It is merely combined with the new ideas that arise in response to it. Hindus revere the Divine in every manifestation, are doctrinally tolerant, allowing others to practice their beliefs - whether Hindu or non-Hindu. They regard other forms of worship, strange gods and divergent doctrines as inadequate rather than wrong or objectionable.

sikhism branched off from hinduism. Thus the religion is somewhat similar. Not all sikhs are vegetarian as not all hindus are vegetarian

I think all true religion promotes a vegetarian lifestyle. The reign of the Lamb is the reign of the vegetarian. You might have to catch a wolf 1st, but I believe all true religion will take us to the Lamb.

For a wolf and a lamb to lay together, it would seem that the wolf would have to go vegetarian.

Christianity in a way promotes veganism…
lenting periods… plus a lot of christian monks have a vegan way of life…

Now, I’ve not been raised Jewish, but I have been reading a very interesting online course on Judaism and Vegetarianism, particularly the section on ‘A Vegetarian View of the Torah.’ There are many more excellent biblical quotes than I can sensibly reference here! It appears that there have been many notable Rabbis and biblical commentors over the centuries who have surmised that man is intended to be vegetarian.

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To Any Ba?

I cannot figure out where book in the bible gave a phrase in which oblige us to eat only vegetables. It was stated in the bible,book of Genesis, when God made everything, he said that We can eat anything we would like to eat except from blood. Blood id life and we are forbidden of eating any cuisine with blood on it.

the basis of Jainism is non violence and they promote a strict vegetarian diet.