Veggie Free Form Poetry

~Because it really matters not~

The drums beat in cadence

most affectionately

mostly sound and they always do

The water falls and represents my tears

It doesn’t really matter how old you are

If you can’t listen to your fears

Only you don’t belong here

i can’t take it anymore

i can’t take you anymore

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Wow!!! This is a nice one!!!
Did you write it?

Yes to the best of my recollection, i believe i wrote that in a coffee shop in Palo Alto one night when i was a veggie but not yet vegan. I was thinking of how stupid senseless and downright cruel it was to kill a chicken, only for food and then to call it something else (“take”).

very nice !!!

I’m cooking some vegetables.
The aroma is great.
adding garlic and ginger
who the hell needs this meat?


Let’s continue this one together.