Vegetarians Do Not Kill


Divine Universal Laws Kill Natually

Killers have the mark of the beast, they selfishly kill and eat animals like beasts

Flesh-eaters kill their compassion with their fleshly comsumption

Animal lovers who eat animals are obvious hypocrites

Vegetarians respect all animal life along with their own

Vegetarians in relationships with flesh-eaters give them the final warning STOP KILLING AND EATING ANIMALS or leave them alone with their beastly ways

i agree with you
everyone has the right to live with dignity in this world
just when god has made us strong we cant take advantage of our position
we are powerful so that we can protect other living beings

What is this warning for?

Define ‘flesh’ please.
What about bacteriums ? :slight_smile:

I think she meant meat eaters =)

All right, I’ll explain.
When you eat vegetables, they contain bacteriums. Are bacteriums meat or not?
On the other side, most bacteriums eat rotten (!) flesh themselves.

My answer will be a question.
What are bacteriums? Animals, plants or something else?

That’s exactly my point and that’s why I’ve asked about bacteriums. Making too much fuss about killing looks just hilarious.

Yes, all the fuss should be about suffering, not about killing, technically you can kill the plant, but there are not scientifically data than plants can suffer.

I recall (so not ‘hard’ evidence) some buddhist teacher saying it is wrong to ‘kill’ anything to eat, including fruit/veg, and that you should make an offering of thanks when you eat it. I also recall that he said you could eat meat, but only from animals that have died from natural causes…why you’d want to do that, though, is another matter.

Is a disease a natural cause? :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Difficult to decide, probably a continuum… you could always debate one way or another. Mind you would a meat eater want to eat a diseased carcass? Thinking about it they already do, so my answer is:
I don’t know.

Eating an animal that died of disease might be deadly for a human.
Scavengers have ways to fight the deadly bacterium and some diseases.
And even they can die from some diseases.

now closer to the topic:
That’s true I can kill a bug while I’m walking and I definitely kill harmful bacterium that is attacking my body or would have attacked it if my immune system wouldn’t have killed it.
Sometime killing is necessary sometime it’s accidental.
The question might be: Is killing animals that suffer the way we suffer a necessary thing?
And many plants aren’t killed when fruits are harvested, so eat fruits Bros and Sis the most ethical and healthy food. The Food of Gods. :smiley:


Yay, my Grandad always tells me about this great Fruitarian restaurant that he used to go to just after the war :smiley: he’s really interested to know if there are a lot of fruitarians around still?

Is that fruitarian restaurant still there?

Sadly, I can’t find it: London’s expanded quite a bit since my Grandad worked there :frowning: He says the food was surprisingly varied, because a lot of things that we think of as vegetables are technically fruits (e.g. tomatoes). Maybe I’ll ask him a bit more about it when I next visit?

tomatoes are fruits?
Let me guess… cucumbers, eggplants and peppers are fruit as well?

I still consider tomatoes vegetables, although I often seem to get attacked for it :laughing:. It is strange how some people are so sensitive to that, or maybe they just don’t like the fact that I am stubborn :confused:.

In my country tomatoes are considered vegetables :slight_smile: and I’m a little confused.
What are vegetables then? :slight_smile:

I am not exactly positive if this is the only reason why tomatoes are considered a fruit here, but I believe that I have read somewhere, or heard from someone, that it is due to the fact that tomatoes have seeds. Apparently, every food that contains seeds is now considered a fruit. Most stores here still label them as vegetables, even though they are technically fruit. I have grown up knowing them as vegetables, though, so they are vegetables to me :slight_smile:.