Vegetarians Do Not Kill

Vegetarians are less likely to kill

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  • No

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Why mankind is plagued with a society full of killings is because they do not follow this divine


Flesh-eaters approve of killing, because if they could not buy flesh they would have to kill a living being like a animal to eat it. So it stands to reason that flesh-eaters do not fully respect the life of other living beings and are more likely to kill (for any reason).

As is reflected in the mega sells of music and movies that glamorises the act of killing which is taken from real lifes of (flesh-eating) beasts.

It is vital for the sake of the children that vegetarians with our own non-killing principles help stop this selfish evil act of killing, that has taken the lifes of our families, friends and other living beings.

If people became vegetarians purely because of health reasons - I don’t think they are less likely to kill. One Shall Not Kill, thats is what Vegetarians are doing a example to all flesh-eaters

I agree vegetarians are less likely to kill.

Most definitely. Vegans stand for the preservation of life not the killing or destruction of life. It should be emphasized that it is not only for vegans to avoid killing but for all the people of the world.

Not mandatory.

The scared buck is dangerous, they say, but yes vegetarians might be less likely to kill.

Huh? I’m very confused with the entire statement. It seems incoherent, the only thing I got from the post was ‘The scared buck is dangerous, they say, but yes vegetarians might be less likely to kill’.

vegetarians do not seem to be pacifists, necessarily, by nature. Why do rhinos and elephants fight?

LOL. :laughing:
Well, human beings are really not vegetarians by nature, we’re supposed to be omnivores right? The evidence is in the teeth structure. Human beings are all born with canines used for holding on and puncturing flesh. The fact that some people choose to be vegans are by personal choice, not natural.

I think Pan explains the nature of man. Human means ‘Breath of God’, and we read Genesis 1 for an insight into human creation. After the fall to carnivore, millions of years of carnivore evolution followed, right? Weak canines? We believe the decision (right) to go vegan, an acceptance of Krishna (peace), opens the genetic program (chakra?) vegan, and one becomes unable to eat otherwise. A true vegan. No turning back.

I think there’s no point in turning vegan then changing your mind, right? The above post is very hard to comprehend but I think it has very good content to it. There’s just something wrong with the paragraph construction, I think.

vegetarians are less likely to kill … that`s my opinion too!

why should a vegetarian kill? I don’t see any reason why…