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It’s a great symbolic picture!
You can see suffering of this vegetarian, when he looks how animals
are killed.

This creature is from a vegan planet called “Vega”. He is a vegatarian. :slight_smile:
So he is not suffering. He just thinks of something sublime. :slight_smile:

I think it’s good art! But I have to
say, he does look both disturbing and
disturbed! Quite frightening.

O`Key. So what can you suggest?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Change the eyes. Put spiral galaxies, the moon or peace signs in his eyes.

Maybe alter the green worms coming out of his ear perhaps.

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How did you make this picture, it looks real!

It’s a great Idea with spiral galaxies. I will update this image as soon as i find the 3ds Max scene :slight_smile:.

It’s a 3D rendered image. Done with 3ds max.
It can be animated. :wink:

wow, it’s beautiful.

i’ll be waiting. :slight_smile:

I don’t like it too much. I asociate vegetarian with something more beautiful. When are you going to post the new version?

Cool design! Keep it up!

we can become so if will be for a long time veggie ?:)) just a joke :stuck_out_tongue: