Vegetarian vs Vegan

Hello im new to all of this and was wondering…what is the difference between the two? i no longer want to eat meat because ive seen what happens to those poor animals, but is it better to just be vegan or vegetarian?

Meat and leather industry exist much because of the milk production. Of course, meat is produced because of its own demand, too, but drinking milk and in general using dairy, eggs promotes more cruelty and killing of animals.
As you know cow can give milk only after having a calf. Most calf is killed as there is no need for so much of them, they go to meat industry just because of the fact that people want dairy. And so on with all the animals.
Remember that milk is produced by suffering mothers. Why would anyone want to support more unnecessary suffering taking account that people can live healthy, fit and beautiful on plant based nutrition?

ok, so ive been a vegetarian since age 11…im now 43 and wish id become a vegan but thought it was too difficult! As a vegetarian I drank milk and ate cheese which produced phlem im my throat and exasperated my asthma. I ate red cheese which gave me migraines, I ate soya which made my body ache and am sure which helped lead to my hypothyroidism , and ate quorn that also made my joints ache and caused fatigue. Eggs make my face swell…

It took me so long to figure out. I truelly believe if id have learnt more about nutrition from friut and veg then Id be much healthier today…i’d have gone vegan for sure but was scared of peoples reactions “where do you get iron, b12, calcium, vit d etc”!..just learn about nutrition, learn to cook and look after your health :smiley: