Vegetarian/Vegan pamphlets catalogs localy

Good day.

I’m the head of the division of public relations in the Green Way Company, which is the biggest network of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Europe. We currently have 32 restaurants all over Poland, and we plan to expand into the UK, Germany, and the Czech Republic.
Our new webpage is still under development, and it will be a large community site for all the vegetarians and vegans living in Europe, currently our webpage doesn’t have an English version, but the next one will (it’s due to be completed in 2-3 months).
The problem that I’m coming to You today with is, do any of You have any pamphlets, catalogues or other marketing materials containing adds of local vegetarian/organic/otherwise eco-friendly products You could share? I know that in the USA and UK You can pick these up in any organic/vegan/eco shop by the dozens, some of them are 100 pages or so, long.
I would like to acquire as many of these as possible, preferably in digital format, do any of You know where I could download them or perhaps could someone here send me these via email? It would help all the vegetarians and vegans in eastern Europe a lot, as the company I work for plans to release such free catalogs and pamphlets listing all the adds of vegan/vegetarian/organic/eco products and shops locally in every Polish city.
If any of You could provide any help or perhaps send me some of these materials (the more, the better) especially from USA/Canada/UK I would be forever grateful.
Thx in advance.