Vegetarian to Vegan?

Hello all
I am a new vegetarian. I have been vegetarian for 4 months. I recently watched the documentary “Vegucated” and an contemplating a Vegan diet. The problem is that I love cheese, ice cream, chocolate, ect. I think it will be hard to make the switch. Any advice on making an easy transition? I am thinking I will try my best to avoid dairy, ect, but eat cheese on ocassion when I am away from home. Any advice is welcome!

I did have the same problem with you as I loved milk and cheese so to become a complete Vegan would be a hard transition. It took me almost 4 months before I was able to become a Vegan. What helped me is the support system I got from my family esp with my wife. As she cooks more than me and owns the kitchen, she do researched and finally came across a book called Dieting the Santa Barbara Way by Jennifer Eickmeyer. Read it and get to know the recipes as you might love them and will help you ease into Vegan diet.

I think you can get it for free at Amazon. Just search the book. Good luck and keep the faith, I know you too can become what you wanted to become.

Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I will find that book!