vegetarian during pregnancy

generally, i wanted feedback from anyone: mother or father who is raising a vegan family from birth. are doctors advising to go vegan thru pregnancy, or are there concerns? i would imagine there have been articles in the major magazines on the “pregnancy while vegan” topic, but I haven’t subscribed. are there concerns for the pregnant mother, and the unborn child’s health during this stage, or might a vegan diet be one of the best diets during the three tri-mesters? thank you.

We have been vegetarians during pregnancy, and it went quite well, you should take vitamins, we used Freeda Vitamins, which were quite good.

being vegetarian during pregnancy is a great idea… this will help you and your baby… it will make the both of you healthy… I have compared my baby and her cousin( with mother that is not eating vegetable at all). My nephew is always sick and have a hard time on walking…