vegetarian diet and tooth decay

hi I’ve been a vegetarian for two years and about a year ago I started developing tooth decay. I’ve been searching the internet and it might be because of the phytic acids present in legumes and grains.

has anyone else had teeth problems?

Do vegans need teeth, though? :rabbit:

It’s important to chew your food, expialidocious, otherwise you may eventually do damage to your digestive system.

Sounds more like sugar may be the culprit here, id1801. Life is a whole lot better if you can abstain from consuming sugar. Check out:

I highly doubt this is due to your vegetarian or vegan diet. If you are plant-based, maybe you’re missing something in your diet. If you’re not, I am with approvalbunny, it’s likely sugar.

So often, people think vegans and vegetarians are automatically healthy, but many are not. Many eat processed crap because it’s labeled vegan or vegetarian.