Vegetarian Conception and Pregnancy

I am hoping you guys can now help me out! [Not literally! :wink:]

It is very important for modern women to optimise their health and fertility, especially since we may not find ‘Mr Right’ and have children until we are much older. Some websites even suggest that infertility can be cured by the correct diet!

There are lots of vitamin supplements aimed at women of child-bearing age. The precise diet advice is very vague: it seems that staying within your recommended weight is very important.

Do you need more of certain nutrients when pregnant or preparing to conceive?

Also, do the phyto-oestrogens in soy products affect fertility? I know some older menopausal women who are eating soy instead of taking HRT. There are also people who blame soy for rising infertility rates.

Soy is just a bean I would not base my vegan diet on soy only, considering that a lot of it is genetically modified and nobody knows how it can influence the health in the long run.

My wife before pregnancy ate various products containing Folate (folic acid).
Various beans including soy, oranges, avocados, a lot of fruits and vegetables, buckwheat, rice, oats.

I think you should not be worried of what to eat if you have your calories and the food is variate enough.