Vegen Children's book


I was looking at some children’s books for my little ones, and found one on the ibook store. I was wondering if anyone had read The Story of Humphrey the Hereford by Stephen Marcus Finn & Sally Rumball? I read it and thought it was perfect for my children, loved the message, and was wondering if anyone knew of any others like it?

If you haven’t read it to your kids, do me a favour look for it on ibooks!

Here are another 7 books with vegan messages:

A Book of Babies by Il Sung Na
Care for Our World by Karen Robbins
Dave Loves Chickens by Carlos Patino
Linus the Vegetarian T. Rex by Robert Neubecker
Sprig the Rescue Pig by Leslie Crawford
Steven the Vegan by Dan Bodenstein
The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig by Steve Jenkins