Veganism, Eggs, Cholesterol, and B12

Hi all. New to this forum been a vegan for quite some time now, and I must say its one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It’s good to see people standing up for the lives of those who don’t have a voice, as well as having a healthy lifestyle. Keep it up! I have a few questions…

On the subject of healthy lifestyles I’m considering adding Eggs to my diet. I don’t eat eggs currently mainly due to animal cruelty. However, I have read about vegans raising their own hens and adding organic eggs to their diet. I’m not sure how familiar you all are with Dr. Leonard Coldwell but he recommends vegans getting atleast some eggs in their diet, hence me thinking of having my own hen…One thing that is stopping me is what exactly are the “eggs” the hen lays. I’ve read chicken fetus, Ive read chicken periods, (which I dont see any blood)… maybe here I can find.some.good hard facts or experiences…

On the subject of cholesterol and B12 I’m looking for some good vegan foods that provide these two things. Both are pretty much unheard of in vegetables fruits, nuts and seeds… although I’ve read a few things about some algae, spirulina, seaweed, yeast, but also some sources say it doesn’t exist in these foods. I am tying to stay away from supplements if at all possible. If this isnt likely then what are some of your guyses favorite brands of supplements to use. Something about using mainstream stores vitamins such as walmart bothers me. Ty. Peace. Andile

If the eggs are fertilized (in other words, if you have a rooster), fresh eggs will be a small culuster of omnipotent stem cells, that, if incubated would develop into a chick in 21 days. If they aren’t fertilized, they will be the haploid egg cell with no potentail for life, that will not undergo any division. Either way, they will be surounded by a food source and cushioning (the yolk and white).

The haploid cell is the bit that people comapre to a period, as in humans we shed unfertilized eggs along with the endometrial tissue that had been developed to support the potentail embryo, as well as blood and lymph. A chicken egg is just the haploid shell, along with the food supply it would have used, all wrapped up and protected in a calcium shell.

B12 is produced by bacteria, and it’s in many foods, including nutrtional yeast, if they’ve been enriched. One important thing to acknowledge is that a) b12 is stored in our bodies for a long time, and b) even meat eaters don’t always get enough.

Forget cholesterol. Cholesterol is not your enemy, cholesterol is your friend.
Anyway, I think you should eat eggs. Why? Because eggs contain iron, zinc and phosphorus, and minerals which are of vital importance. Read more in this article on HDL and LDL cholesterol

I am vegan and I have just recently started eating eggs. I buy them from a far about 10 minutes from my house, and they just have their chickens running around. I am vegan for ethical reasons so I see nothing wrong with eating true farm raised chickens. Also if you have no rooster, the egg that the chicken lays every morning won’t be fertilized, therefore it would be useless. In fact eventually the chickens might actually end up eating the egg.

Don’t buy “free Run” eggs from your local food market because they aren’t at all free run. The only way you can trust a food source is by going straight to the farm and seeing it yourself

Hope this helps

Leonard Coldwell is a quack.
There are real vegan doctors with real research behind their shoulders like:
Neal Barnard, Michael Greger, Joel Fuhrman, Michael Klaper etc.

PS: If you eat eggs you are not vegan.