Vegan Yogurt Made From Fruit

Hello All,

My name is Marissa, and I’ve created a new vegan yogurt made from fruit called Smashed Fruit. Instead of using almonds, coconuts, or oats as the base, I used fruit and vegetable juice. Each serving has at least 1/2 cup of fruit or veg, live probiotics, and plant protein, without added sugars, sweeteners, or flavors. There are three flavors - Blueberry, Dark Chocolate Cherry, and Spiced Carrot.

I’m putting together recipes for the website and social media and would love input from everyone here. How do you typically use your yogurt now (and which ones are your favorite)? Are there any new recipes you would like to try but don’t have time to do the trial and error? If you would like a shoutout, I’ll tag you wherever we use it.

More Information:

Thank you!