Vegan Weight Loss

hey guys, im new here, any way i had a few questions for some of you vegans that have been vegan for a long time.
1- im told i should stay away from soy products, how bad are they?

2- I used to be a body builder and i took in tons and tons of milk and meat protiens. i got fairly ripped and my bench press was at 365, but i felt short winded and didn’t feel like i had energy. i quit taking in so much protien and was running alot (about 4 miles a day), i felt great. i always had energy to spare and was in tip top shape. since i have gone vegan i have felt good but i feel like i have less sustaining energy than i did before. i feel like when i go running i get winded really fast and my body feels exsausted. i also get head aches when i do really difficult workouts and sweat more than i did before. i feel better on a daily basis but i used to love working out, now it has becomne a chore. just wondering if i need to start taking more of a certain veggie or stop taking a certain veggie. any help would be superb. thanks.

i forgot to mention i lost 30 lbs when i first started being vegan but i have leveled off

It is not clear from your post what is your goal. Since you are exercising already and lost 30 lbs…
I suppose the problem is low energy while training. So here is my suggestion.

Try to stick to whole foods as much as possible.
Oils and refined carbs are not healthy even though they are vegan.
Whole plants is the way to go.
Here is a comparison of Whole Avocado and Avocado Oil. You can see that when you are going for avocado oil instead of whole avocado you get much more calories and lose on vitamins, minerals, macros and fiber.
All the fats in your diet should be from whole foods like avocado, nuts and seeds.

Also eat LOTS of whole plants - they are high in nutrients but low in calories so the portions should be bigger to provide enough energy for serious training.
Make sure you eat enough nuts and seeds that have omega-3 in them.

Also make sure you supplement with vitamin B12 and D (if you are not exposed to sun).

Soy products contains fewer calories and less fat as compared to meat and dairy products and soy products are also cholesterol free.

Also trying to get plenty of oxygen when daily walkin’ routine really works.

Soy is a high source of protein, vitamins, and fiber and it is healthy. But overconsumption of soy food can cause breast cancer. Because soy contains isoflavones, which act like estrogen in the body. And estrogen can help grow breast cancer.