Hey guys I’m Talia! I’m 20 and currently a college student at Sacramento State. My major is nutrition,but I’m an artist but I’m extremely passionate about health and well-being. It’s complicated lol ANYWAYS I’m looking for fellow vegans to 1. gain guidance from and 2. help out in some way ! I recently started a Youtube channel and feel like I have sooooo many things to talk about, but only want to put out what people actually want to see. I’m starting from nothing like literally 0 subscribers, but I really want to do this so bad. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while just being vegan and receiving so many questions about how I live my life, but now I want to more than ever since I know theres vegan/plant based people out there just like me wanting to have some sort of community to share experiences and lessons learned a long the way. I just love helping people and want to know the best ways how. I have a natural passion for cooking and being positive and motivational and want to reach as many people as possible with those passions.
I feel like people feel like doing these things while vegan is so difficult and want to make it feel a little easier. I’ve been wanting to share my recipes and advice for sooooo long now and it’s finally time! Right now, I want to focus on people in the same position as me, but want to eventually be of help to people just wanting to know more about being vegan/plant based,pregnant,and staying positive in general. Everyone needs a little guidance or motivation from time to time even me.

I would love ideas from you guys! That could be anything from things you crave that you wish were vegan to ways to get certain nutrients to easy breakfast/lunch/dinner ideas for when we don’t have as much energy. ANYTHING! I want to create content for what you guys want to hear not what I think you want to hear! I’ve done 3 videos so far and would love to keep doing more and even upload daily, but it’s be so much easier if I just knew I had a solid group of people waiting to hear what I have to say or see what recipes I have. I really need a support system right now guys It would mean the world to me!

Would you guys be interested in me showing what I eat in a day? I used to love watching those before I was pregnant lol I know it sounds weird, but sometimes it helps when you’re indecisive or just curious. Sorry I’m being long-winded, but I’m just so excited! I’m so excited to create a space on my channel where we can all share experiences, learn, grow, and support each others’ journeys! Sometimes I feel so alone or lost doing this and I know I’m not the only one so who’s in?