Vegan versus high protein debate - article

I would really like to know if any of the references the deceased doctor mentions are true. This is all so confusing. Some say this, some say the opposite, what is actually true?

Leonor, that page you posted is so full of crap.
I don’t know how people get to hate vegetarians so much as to wrrite something like this.

I will just give some contra examples:

Well here is a quote from bible:

  • now that is some ugly bulshit.
    There are no more wussies among vegans then among corpse eaters. in some countries to be a vegan you have to be a hero couse everyone is against you and wants to prove that you are wrong and there are no conditions to do you. You need guts to stay vegan.
    I’m the only vegan in my class and won all of my class mates in armwrestling.
    Also here is one of my photos:

What about India? There are a lot of vegetarians there and their population grows much faster then in northern countries where are more meat eaters…

Indeed that link contains hilarious things.

I think I’m going to repeat myself since I’ve already posted this in the forum : Christian God accepted Abel’s sacrifice. And that was MEAT.

Most of the olympic athletes in Ancient Greece were vegetarians.

This is not the reason why I don’t eat meat :slight_smile:

Point is not that I’m right or I’m wrong. This is my choice.

What for? :laughing:

Different culture/religion. Women get married much earlier in India. If in India a woman gets married when being 15 years-old, and a female from a northern country does it when being 25-30 years old (oh yes, she wants to prove she’s emancipated, she can become a successful business woman, she wants to marry a rich prince with a white Mercedes - the white horse is old-style already :stuck_out_tongue: ) - then the Indian women would already have a couple of kids when she reaches her thirties. Not to mention that if her first child was a girl as well, she’s 15 already and is ready to have her own children.

Hey, I just spotted this! :smiley: Cheeky! :laughing: I do not think most women have a choice any more: you must get a job or live alone in poverty. Noone is going to give you money or keep you :confused: The average age for a woman to have her first child is now over 30 in the UK! And it is men who do not want the responsibility of fatherhood until they are older :imp: They want an independent woman (or women), no children to support, a big house and a sports car! :laughing:

The white horse is not old-style :cry: We’ve all got our own cars, thank you very much! Not that I use it much: too busy walking everywhere, to try and look young and attractive :banghead:

Maybe I could pimp you out to all my friends? :wink: Do you have a horse? :stuck_out_tongue:

But I digress - the original article is truly amusing :laughing: I shall look forward to “blowing my guts out - guaranteed” :smiley:

Do your friends have a white Mercedes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope :frowning: We all seem to have Peugeot 307s or Seat Leons: much more fun to drive :smiley: One friend does have a gold MG…