Vegan/Vegetarian Fast Food Reviews

No one (probably) likes corporate stuff, but sometimes I like to “F” with “the man’s” cranium whilst pretending to live in a better world where meat isn’t on the menu at almost every restaurant and no one has ever heard of a “brain taco”…so here’s some reviews…

They recently installed a “Smash Burger” franchise here, so a few months ago I decided to try out their “Spicy Black Bean Burger”.

I’d never had a bean burger before and was probably hoping that their menu meant a gardenburger with black beans (which I love with guacomole), so I was surprised when I got home and opened the packaging and thought they had given me the world’s most uncooked animal fat burger (yikes).

Well, I was wrong. Turned out it was just a bunch of beans in the shape of a hamburger patty.

It tasted allright. They put these slices of jalapenos in them (I personally chop jalapenos so I don’t fry my taste buds) that are the “spicy side” of the burger. For some reason tho, I found myself (unpleasantly) inhaling the entire burger…strange…

So, I guess it’s allright if you happen be trapped inside a Smash Burger. The fries are okay (sweet potato fries too), but the shakes are made with Hagen Das and the whole menu is overpriced.

Yikes! Don’t get it! It makes your stomach go upside down or something…

Actually not bad if you get it without mayo and modify it at home. Here’s what I do:

  1. Add chopped jared jalapenos for some zing.
  2. Add sliced green jared olives.
  3. Add Italian Dressing
  4. Heavy salt and pepper.
    …ahhh maka tha nisa sandwich…

They finally installed one of these here, and I have to say that the vegi burrito ain’t bad (be sure to get them to add the grilled veggies or you’ll just get rice and beans). Still, WAY too little stuffing to tortilla ratio in my opion. Less is sometimes more…

That’s about it. I’d of thought by 2013 there’d be WAY more options out there all over the place. But I guess after the events of September 11, 2001…things kinda went another way…