vegan vampyres

From vegan vampyre:
I never drink the blood of animlals, only animal abusers, so, I never go hungry.

You are sooooo right! Ha!

I am energetistic vampire, that is 100% vegan. :imp:

Animals abuse animals more than any person ever could. So you drink the blood of almost all animals then? You find me one predator that does not harm other animals. You find me one species that doesn’t fight when mating. You find me one vegan that is ignorant.

Perhaps you should enlighten yourself

Which animals are you talking about?
Cows? Sheep? Pigs?
Because human are mainly abusing these specific animals.

And besides we human have quarrels in our families. We fight, we make peace etc. But would you change this life with fights and quarrels and hard work for a peacefully but dull life in prison? Where you have no worries but to eat, sleep and shit… and the only price is your life when you become mature enough… just imagine you have these 2 choices
Freedom and problems OR careless dull life in prison.

OK so now imagine some creatures so advanced that humans in comparison to them are like animals in comparison to us… (that’s just an example, I don’t personally believe that we are very superior to animals) and these cool creatures decide that it will be better if we were in prison, taken care of otherwise we will destroy our world and ourselves. Would you give these creatures the power and authority We have over animals?

This days ive watched a doc movie about vampires, gotic style, so long (in main it was baised on russian movie Dnevnoi i Na4noi Dazor). Its very very weard and very scarry ! They can even cut humans for drinking blood … or even themsels … rrrr :blackeye: what about veran pplz … they are the same with overs … each of us has body energy … and depending on our dispozition or moral status we can “drink” or “give” from/to others energy … :slight_smile:after this we feel or very sleepy borred and tired or with a lot of energy and ready for action :slight_smile:
that`s it :slight_smile: