Vegan thanks to graduation research

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
For those of you who are bored to read my whole background, nice meeting you!

This past September I started my graduation project in my second msc in architecture. It is all about how we can take food production into our hands and back into the cities. After researching a lot about biointensive farming methods and polyculture, I went on reading a few books (and found out that google research is not real research at all) among which were Carolyn Steel’s Hungry City, Where locavores get it wrong and an occasional Barbara Kingslover to lighten things up a bit :slight_smile:
My mom always cooked an almost Mediterranean diet (I am Greek) and when I moved to the Netherlands I missed all the fresh produce. Still I tried to eat healthily. We (me and my boyfriend, that is) got educated about whole foods this last year and cut down on meat significantly. At some point I watched Earthlings. And then, meet your meat. And you know the rest of the story…
Even though I have been practically vegetarian the last 3 weeks and did not expect much of detox symptoms when going vegan, I am vegan only for 3 days now and do feel a bit dizzy and weird.
This is a highly stressful period for me due to the graduation, but I cannot wait until it’s all over to become vegan(first of all because no-one knows exactly when that will be and secondly because I cannot un-see the documentaries).
I am tracking down what I am eating these days to make sure I get all the nutrients I need, because I am slightly underweight and I do not want to give my family and friends any arguments to not respect my choice.
I decided to go vegan the same way I quit smoking. Throwing away the last non vegan foods and packing my fridge and pantry with “the new stuff”. I was already familiar with quinoa, amaranth and the like and I love soya milk anyway, so it shouldn’t bee to hard :slight_smile:
I would like to know some tricks that kept you faithful to your vegan lifestyle in difficult moments. Not being raised vegan and not having a vegan background, I need all the advice I can get.
Thank you :slight_smile: