vegan singles, families, and kids Questions.

just recently it occured to me how many vegan single sites there are. has anyone dated, and/or married after using these online resources? apart from that question, is anyone raising vegan-children? Thanks.

Most of these sites are commercial.
And since there are many their auditory isn’t too big.
I wish they had a common database and were free. :slight_smile:

Vegan dating sites should be free overwise it won’t work for the most of us.

I have created this dating thread but it’s not too popular :slight_smile:

Does anybody know links to free veg dating sites?

I found this site for Single Vegetarians & Vegans to be a great page. It was a free and easy sign up and I found some singles in my area right away.

Just posting in this forum can find you someone you can date and get along… I am so happy that there are some site that helps people find the right persons for them, with the same interest of course…