Vegan Shoes

I am vegan so when I need to buy shoes I always check out that little label that’s usually inside the shoes’ flaps. I look to see if it says “all man-made materials.” If they do then that should mean that the shoes were made without the use of any animal products. I usually buy my shoes at PAYLESS.

Recently, however, I learned that the shoes sold at PAYLESS may not be so fit for vegans afterall. Some claim that the glue that is used to make them is made from animal by-products. – :scratch:


I buy most of my shoes at PAYLESS too. – :confused4:

I do too. – :walk:

Hey I’ve never heard of PAYLESS but there are a few companies out there that are 100% vegan, you just need to do a bit of searching and emailing. If you guys are still looking for vegan shoes that do not use glues that contain animals, try I know this because I have purchased a handbag and shoes for my wife a few months back and emailed them to confirm.

PAYLESS no longer exists. The shoe store chain closed down quite a while ago.

“Vegan shoes” this is really nice. We vegan can’t use shoes made of animal lather.