Vegan shakes

Hello, I recently tried a vegan meal replacement shake and actually enjoyed it. Has anyone ever tried these or would you be interest in trying them? I’m not trying to solicit or be annoying, just thought I would share with everyone since I know finding good vegan options can be difficult. If you are interested reply or send me a message.

Good idea, thanks. I’m making one for myself that takes after the non dairy beverages. It’s pretty simple: grind up a cup of quick oats in a food processor, put it in a tall mug, add a couple ounces of oil, brown sugar, and a couple cups of hot water, then stir (or use ice and cold water after mixing with just enough hot stuff). That’s a high calorie shake, with double that of a quart of soy milk, and costs about three times less. There’s an oat beverage out there too, so it followed to make an oat cream shake, as I’d call it. This franken-shake is pulpy though and higher in fat than what I’ve seen on the market (besides a creamer) but it doesn’t exceed the recommended daily value (if that’s about your only source of it). Furthermore, I tried cooking 1/2 cup of oat powder in 16 oz of water, and it will mix in better that way, or stay suspended in a mug instead of on the bottom, but takes another 16 oz of water to distinguish it from eating oatmeal and make more of a shake. I think it’s about as good as anything (with added fat and sugar, of course).

Besides, I couldn’t tolerate some of the ingerdients in those beverages, like maybe carrageenan (or the mysterious natural flavors), so I finally mixed my own. I’m also drinking vegetable broths from whatever I boil that has flavor, like greens or sweet potatoes, so I get the most out of those veggies and a hot drink too (a little salt helps make them more like a typical broth). They help fill me up to the extent that I’m reducing the portion sizes of what I cook, or having the shake by itself. I feel like there’s more energy in what I have on liquid days, probably because I’m not using as much energy to digest it.

Hi all :slight_smile:


Well, after all I went back to having this as oatmeal (porridge), because there’s more flavor with less water diluting it (or I’d be using more sugar than necessary). Started adding pumpkin to it as well, I’ll call it mush then. I hadn’t considered that shakes need more of some ingredients than so-called solid foods to flavor them, like sugar (as I was saying). It just seems unnecessary when I can drink water on the side to mix that in, unless I need to eat it all faster.

A friend of mine uses Huel as a meal replacement shake, I don’t bother as I enjoy eating :stuck_out_tongue:
I do supplement though with vegan protein shakes though!

Great! You can share your shake recipe with us. I love to share mine. For summer, I’m making a shake with a lot of mangoes, pineapple, banana, and coconut milk.

1 cup coconut milk, 1 banana (chopped), 1/2 cup fresh pineapple chunks, 1/2 cup fresh mango chunks. 1/2 lemon juice (optional). Blend all together and ta-daa! It’s ready to drink. :slight_smile: