Vegan Sailing

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dave Goodman, a sailor/doctor/accordian player/vegan! I became a vegan 1 1/2 years ago in my effort to not only prevent further heart problems but to also reverse my heart disease. I’m please to report that after assiduously following Campbell, Esselstyn and McDougal, at age 63 I am in better health than many men half my age :smiley:. As a physician board certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine, I have become more and more interested in Lifestyle Medicine. This past fall I took Campbell’s online course on whole foods, plant based nutrition, and heartily recommend that course to anyone looking to make a profound lifestyle change in their life. For me, this is not only about my own health, but ultimately about saving the planet! And when I meet with other Vegans, the talk naturally becomes more and more enthusiastic about this lifestyle choice! In the process, I noticed that there was little available in the way of really great vacation offerings for Vegans. Hence, my efforts to develop an all inclusive vegan sailing vacation. But more about that later. I’ve just discovered this blog, and hope to make some meaningful contribution in my small way. Till the next time…fair winds!