Vegan Restaurants

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Lets write here about all the vegan restaurants that impressed us in our country or abroad.

Beside your personal opinion and experience please include information about the precise location and cuisine offered in the restaurant, as well as some pricing information. So that other vegans knew exactly where to look for a suitable vegan restaurant if they find them self in that part of the world.

I have do admit that I have never been in a vegan restaurant. But I have been in lots of vegetarian restaurants and restaurants that offer vegan dishes.

Can we write about vegetarian restaurants as well?

I agree - I don’t know any vegan restaurants, but I know some good vegetarian ones :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

Here in Australia, there are several vegan and vegetarian restaurants. :cheers: One of my personal favourites is White Lotus, in Melbourne, Victoria. The majority of the food is vegan, with the vegetarian dishes being able to be made vegan at request. Their specialty is Tamarind Fish, however they have Mock Duck (which is so much like the real thing my non-veg friends have said) and Lemon Chicken (my favourite :compress: ) as well as satays, stir frys and curries with beef, chicken, etc. They even have a seafood platter.

I’ve taken several friends their, and they have all marvelled at the great food. And they all agree on going vegetarian or even vegan if they were able to access this high standard quality food on a day-to-day basis!

The only down-side is that the restaurant can be extremely heavy handed with the MSG they use, however, they are more than happy to remove this upon request.



Hello everyone.

Actually i am looking for vegan restaurants around Mexico… if anyone know some good vegan places in Mexico then suggest me…

You can find good options on internet.

I found so many vegan restaurants in India during my travel over there.

I’m also agree with you on these tips.
Restaurants must be simple, attractive and with better services.
Hotels employee must provide services according to customer desire and need, it help to promote hotel name and boost good-will among people towards restaurant.



If you find yourself in the Boston area, Veggie Galaxy is an awesome vegan restaurant in Central Square; The Friendly Toast- also near Central-has great veggie/vegan choices, and Peace O’ Pie and Grasshopper restaurants in Allston offer delicious vegan pizza and chinese food (respectively).

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there are lots of them in Philly, HipCity impressed me. Their green smoothies are amazing.
Also Charlie’s angels :slight_smile: Big portions and affordable menu.
I find this article very helpful … iladelphia
i’m sure the list will be fuller soon, vegan lifestyle is becoming popular :slight_smile: