Vegan recipes with nutritional yeast?

I heard a lot about this nutritional yeast.
And finally I got it. So how do I use it in food? :slight_smile:

Hello. It’s tasty! You can make sauces out of it, or use it as a coating for tofu and saute it. Here is a tasty sauce recipe: 1 cup water, 1/2 cup nutritional yeast, 2 tbsp flour, a dash salt, a tsp of Braggs liquid aminos (or soy sauce or tamari), a dash garlic powder. Whisk over medium heat til thickened. Add 2 tsp of dijonnaise mustard. Yummy over baked tofu or veggies or grains.
I also like to slice tofu for sandwiches, coat in a mixture of garlic and onion powder and nutritional yeast, and then fry or saute. Yum.

I heard that you can use it instead of cheese so I tried it on my pasta.
Well I suppose it should be used differently… :slight_smile:

Mash some tofu, then add either miso or sea salt to taste. Mix in nutritional yeast flakes to taste. Sometimes I add a bit of curry powder, too. Heap onto whole grain bread with lettuce leaves or spouts. I love this very much. But I have to be honest: as much as I adore this yeast, it sure gives me a lot of intestinal gas. So I eat it when I know I won’t be socializing, lol…

A tip on buying yeast: ( for people in the USA) I ordered mine online from the vitamin shoppe. Got a huge 22 oz container and it was shipped for only 99 cents. Whole thing cost me just under 14 bux. Much cheaper than heathfoood stores, I
think. As well, I ordered it just the day before and it arrived the very next day by ups!

You can use nutritional yeast to prepare vegan cheeses, as it gives them that “cheesy” taste.
If you google around you’ll find a lot of recipes :slight_smile:
Also, rumour has that it’s pretty good with fruit salads, or with granola or muesli. Never tried though.
I’m the chef editor of a Vegan Food Community Blog, but I’m not allowed to post the link here for the time being, but there you’ll find a lot of vegan cheese recipes. If you’re interested please send me a message :slight_smile:

How does it tastes? How does it look? Is it also available in Asia?
Andy is it a good substitute for cheese?

It reminds me of chicken. I adore its taste. Just wishes it didn’t create so much intestinal gas in my colon, though…

Is there only one kind of nutritional yeast?