Vegan Recipes Cutlets from Chickpea

Vegan Recipes Cutlets from Chickpea

Very tasty, healthy and gluten-free.

Ingredients for vegan recipes cutlets
Garbanzo beans
Sourdough flour
Black pepper

Step 1
Place the garbanzo beans and the buckwheat into a bowl for overnight hidratation.

Step 2
Crush and blend it with the vertical blender.

Step 3
While blendind add the chopped onions, garlic, a spoon of Russian mustard, black pepper, salt and oil.

Step 4
Make a paste with the blender. It’s not necessarily to be totally crushed.

Step 5
Then add the sourdough flour to make the paste thicker in order to be easier to make the balls .

Step 6
Fry them on the dry pan. It is best to use a stone pan, because it is not sticky If they stick add oil, however it is better without it.

Step 7
Enjoy your meal!