VEGAN Products that substitute - meat

Here you can post vegan products that substitute meat.

Please try to organize the information in the following way:

  1. Name.
  2. Description.
  3. Link to producers web site.
  4. Where to buy.
  5. Personal experience

Is in vitro grown meat considered vegan? :slight_smile:

Artificially grown meat is initially taken from an animal source, and I don’t think it is really vegan. But it is my opinion.
By vegan products that substitute meat I mean various processed products made of vegan ingredients that taste and feel like meat and are rich in proteins. :slight_smile:

what are the vitamins that the VEGAN products have? and what are the difference between Vegan Products that substitute meat and a true meat in terms of vitamins or nutrition?does it good to our health if we substitute meat to a Vegan product?

Quorn- A brand in Australia is quite good for ready made vegetarian food I personally find it too prcessed and it has a meaty flavour which I also dislike!! Have heard good things from other vego’s but . . .
Also JALNA- Yoghurt also in Australia is a del;icious naturally set yoghurt that comes in a variety of flavours very YUMM!!!

Tofurkey for the win!!! Great stuff. Very high in protein, too. Lol, I get a kick out of the way it squeaks on my teeth. The roast xomes with a lovely gravy, too.

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Linda Mccartney veg duck!!

Its absolutely incredible in a wrap with cucumber and hoisin sauce

You can get it from the frozen section in Tesco