Vegan Pregnancy FAQ

I don’t suppose they are asked by everyone frequently, maybe just me :blush: But mainly my questions go into the category of “How hardcore vegan are you?” I’ve been told by several people that I’m waaaaaayyyy too strict in my practices. Really, I am taking a parenting class in school, and it has brought up so many questions. So, here we go:

  1. Did any of you have a medicated birth?

  2. If you had a natural or home birth, mind telling how it went? :slight_smile:

  3. During your pregnancy (here comes the strict part) did you use regular ultrasound jelly or attempt to find a vegan brand?

  4. Are the pictures from your ultrasounds on regular, non-vegan film/printer paper, or did you request a digital form and use your own paper?

  5. Anyone out there with twins? :cheers:

Anything else you think I would be curious about (and I probably am!) just feel free to tell me.

These are really interesting questions. I haven’t got any children, but I’ll share some of my friends’ and family’s experiences :slight_smile:

In the UK, a home birth is not recommended for your first child. In fact, I don’t think they’ll let you have one (unless you go into labour quickly and it’s too dangerous to move you!) The reason for this is that noone knows if you’ll have a difficult birth or not. However, if you have already had one child with no complications, you will be supported in having a home birth, and will be assigned a midwife who can come to your house.

Remember that, years ago (and still in some countries!), many women would die in childbirth, and a high number of children would die in infancy. So a natural birth does carry some risks.

I have an aunt who insisted on a natural birth. After a few hours she was begging for the drugs :wink: In my family, we tend to have sick labours, usually lasting 24-48 hours and ending with a caesarian! Some women are so traumatised by this that they find it hard to bond with the baby. However, I have friends who had a relatively fast labour (5 hours max) and didn’t need the drugs or gas - in one case it was all over before the midwife arrived!

Maybe you could speak to your family and see whether they have a tendancy to have complications during labour?

In some areas there are birthing centres, where you can have a relatively natural birth, but there are medical facilities if you need them. They can offer natural pain relief, quiet births and water births. Maybe this could be an option?

Hope that’s some help :slight_smile: Are you expecting twins? Let us all know how it’s going! :smiley:

I had two daughters right now, 1 is 2 and the other 1 is turning 1…

I only give birth at home from midwifes… I have healthy pregnancy because i ate lots of fruits and veggies plus the vitamins needed for pregnant women(i have not look for vegan vitamins because i am not yet a vegan during those times but i am vegetarian)… The ultrasound goes the normal way… I gave birth 15 mins. after the labor :smiley: