Vegan On The Run!

I got a new job :cheers: doing some travelling around :smiley: However, this is presenting a problem:

I will be staying in Bed & Breakfast’s / Hotels a lot. I can negotiate a veggie breakfast easily enough, but I don’t want to eat take-aways or go to restaurants every evening :frowning: I have already been finding it hard to avoid cheese, which is not good…

So, I need to think of some nutritious meals that don’t need cooking, using ingredients that don’t need a fridge! Does anyone have any ideas?

Otherwise I will eat nothing but salad sandwiches! Or perhaps I could sneak off into the country and build a camp fire…?

Try some Basic Indian food. You can find recipece ohnline. It is healthy one easy to cook.

Yes basic indian food will be good solution, try some of that or you can try roadside food also.