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I have read some prediction that in 40 years Italy will be entirely vegan.

A number of health professionals worked with a group of diabetics and successfully reversed their diabetes just by eating vegan whole foods.

The UK’s leading veggie lifestyle magazine OFF THE HOOF has published a sensational 12 page diary focusing on today’s BBC Inside Out programme report on Noah’s Ark Zoo in Bristol

This fascinating account – an actual diary of events recorded over 6 weeks, describes a number of appalling situations including the discovery of a recently dead tiger cub’s head in a freezer at the Zoo.

This is [size=150]The First Vegan News[/size]

Recent articles and letters in The Vegetarian Messenger regarding the issue of consumption of dairy products have shown the undeniable evidence that such food production involves cruelty and exploitation of sentient life developed. The excuse that there is no need to kill to get milk products and is not sustainable by all who know the methods used on farms and tough competition even more humane farmers must face if they want to remain active in the business.

As a lacto-vegetarians have known for years that meat and dairy were related and that somehow complemented with each other. We knew therefore that the plea on moral grounds to reject such food was exceptionally strong and we waited for sooner or later a crisis of conscience freed us from them.

For us that moment has arrived. Having followed a diet free of animal foods for periods ranging from a few weeks in some cases up to several years in others, we believe that our ideas and experiences are sufficiently mature to serve as proof. The unquestionable cruelty involved in milk production is evident that the lacto-vegetarianism is located halfway between the consumption of corpses and a truly humanitarian and civilized diet, so during our life on this earth we should try to evolve enough to go entirely that way.

We can clearly see how our current civilization is based on the exploitation of animals in the same way that past civilizations were founded on the exploitation of slaves, and we believe that the spiritual destiny of man is that over time, contemplate with horror the fact that the product was fed man of the bodies of other animals. Even without scientific evidence to suspect that the major impediment to the moral development of man is in their parasite status of other forms of animal life. Research on intangible properties of food has barely begun and it seems that the usual methods of research can clarify materialistic much about it. But would it not be possible to eliminate all vibrations from our diet animals discover the path not only towards a healthy lifestyle but also towards a breakthrough in our intuitive and psychic ability known so far?

We often cites as a criticism often when our time is not ripe yet for the change we propose. But did one time was ripe for a change and it was not previously prepared for this by identifying some? Do Wilforce waited for his time “mature” before starting to fight slavery? Did Edwin Chadwick, Lord Shaftesbury and Charles Kingsley wait for a nonexistent time before trying to convince the public about the advantages of having toilets and clean water? Only if they had declared their intention to poison the whole world could have found more opposition. There is an obvious danger in leaving the pursuit of our ideals to posterity, for posterity may no longer have our ideals. The change may be both regressive and progressive, in fact seems to have always a strong tendency to choose the wrong path before the fees are established and new visions respected. That is why we created our group, the first of its kind, we assume, in our country or elsewhere.

Alicia Silverstone talk Vegan on MTV.

Fashion designer and animal rights activist Stella McCartney has found the perfect collaborator for a leather-free shoe collection: cult singer and fellow vegetarian Morrissey. … 32180.html

Olsenhaus has a new collection of vegan shoes